what to look for in owner financing agreements
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what to look for in owner financing agreements

My sister and her husband were looking for a house near my house so that I could help with their newborn baby while they work. We were fortunate to find a house that was up for sale or available to rent. The owner said that he would allow them to purchase the home through him using an owner financing agreement. This made me a little nervous because I had read a few stories about people getting ripped off using this method of home buying. That is why I paid for my sister to have a real estate attorney to work with. Visit our blog to learn what to look for in owner financing agreements to protect yourself from loss.


what to look for in owner financing agreements

3 Ways A Probate Attorney Can Help You With A Will

Isobel Alvarez

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to pass away? It may seem like a grim thought to have, but preparing for the unpredictable future is always important. Unfortunately, things can often become complicated when a person passes away and leaves behind several things, including different types of property, such as vehicles and homes.

If you passed away, some of your closest family members may begin arguing over who gets what. If you would like to make sure that does not happen at any point in the future, you can sit down with a probate attorney to create a will and make sure that it is followed after you have passed. The probate attorney helps to prove that the will you have created is accurate and legitimate.

The Attorney Validates the Will You Left Behind

After a person passes, anyone could just claim to have a will that was created by them. If you want to make sure that someone you know does not try to pass off a fake will, having a probate attorney is important. There are several important things you will need to discuss with the attorney, such as who you would like to inherit specific property owned by you, as well as who you would want to look after your children if they are under the age of 18. You can always come back to change your will months or even years later if you have a change of heart about certain things. For example, if you were to divorce your current partner in the future, you may want to remove him or her from your will.

If you pass away, the probate attorney brings the documents to probate court. Your family members may attend the court sessions to find out more information about what will happen to all of your belongings.

Make Sure Each Family Members Gets What You Want Them to Receive

One of the best things about leaving a will behind after passing away is knowing that each of your loved ones will have a piece of you. You may want to make sure your children get to inherit an even amount of any funds you have in a bank account so that things are fair between them all. You may have chosen a specific person to inherit your home, knowing they could benefit from having a place to stay. Instead of worrying about what will happen to the valuable items you have worked hard for throughout your life, you can make sure they are going to the right people who will appreciate them and feel thankful that you left something for them.

Eliminate the Stress and Fighting Between Family Members

After a loved one dies, family members are often experiencing many emotions. They may be feeling sad, angry, and hurt. Because those individuals are already in such a vulnerable state, it is easier for them to get worked up when it comes to figuring out who gets certain belongings. If you pass away without leaving a will behind, some of your closest loved ones could begin fighting with one another over what they think they deserve or should receive because of their relation to you. Knowing there is a possibility that things will quickly become stressful, hectic, and even tense between some of the people you love, it may be best to sort things out long before you are gone.

A probate attorney can help you figure out what you want to happen after your death and act as a witness while creating your will. You can make all the most important decisions ahead of time so that no one you care about has to fight over anything.